Why do we often hear the phrase mother nature? It shows respect for the earth and denotes that as a mother gives birth to a child, the earth also provides life-sustaining resources for us. A mother takes care of her children the earth also nurtures human life. The trait of selfless love and care is what makes nature a mother figure, hence mother nature.

How does mother nature nurture mankind?

Have you spent some time in the serene beauty of nature away from the chaos of the city? The experience is overwhelming. You will hear birds chirping all over since four in the morning, and you will see the reflection of the sunset in crystal shimmery rivers, you will see a clear sky and get to do stargazing at night, you can enjoy the fresh air and peace of the place. The only idea of all this is so beautiful and soothing that you may never want to go back to the city where you wake up with horns blowing across the street. But, it is not that cities are not part of nature.

It is only that the cities have been developed by establishing man-made resources by eliminating the natural resources. Cities are not devoid of nature. Of course, there is air and water everywhere, but these have been polluted and overused by humans, forests have been cut, and animal slaughtering is increasing.

Nature provides us with immense resources like –

  • Water – water is essential for the sustenance of life on earth. Although the earth is covered with ¾ proportion of water, the freshwater proportion is only 3% of the whole, and even his 3% is not portable as they are in the form of glaciers, ice caps or cannot be extracted, which makes 0.5 per cent of the total available water apt for drinking.
  • Air – Air comprises many gases. Fresh and clean air is very important to lead a healthy life. It is necessary for the existence of plants, animals, birds as well as other organisms.
  • Land – soil or land is another life-sustaining resource that mother nature has gifted us with. Soil is required to grow plants for us to be able to live and build farms and houses.
  • Forests – forests provide us with food, shelter and serve as a home for many animals. Forests help in making the air quality better and reducing hazards as well as global warming.
  • Minerals – Minerals are required to generate fuel and help in the working of many machines and gadgets.
  • Sunlight – Sunlight is important for all plants and animals. Plants utilize sunlight for synthesis. It is required to maintain a stable temperature on earth and also responsible for causing day and night.

Nature has provided us with immense love and care. Still, humans have been ungrateful and cruel and wrathless in exploiting nature by deforestation, animal hunting, polluting rivers and land by oil spills and garbage dump from factories, etc.

It is very important to conserve nature and have a mutual love relation rather than only taking advantage of it. Otherwise, it will lead to major quality depletion and extinction of resources.

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