We all know how much forest reserves hold importance in today’s time. Forestry serves as the lungs of our mother earth. With the lack of clean and pure air on this earth, it has become essential to preserve and conserve forestry. The more they release clean oxygen to breathe in, the better this universe will get. Besides that, wildlife and forestry help in maintaining rainfall patterns from the clouds. The air quality, humidity, and climate stability are also kept in check as you conserve forestry.

Reasons why we should conserve forestry

The only thing that can help living beings survive long is the conservation of forestry. There is not a single doubt regarding this statement. We need to ensure that forests live and make the environment a better place to sustain and survive. Let us now discuss in detail why it is important to preserve forestry. Some of the major important reasons why we need to preserve forestry and wildlife together are:

Get clean oxygen to breathe: Forestry is considered a natural recycling machine that breathes in carbon dioxide only to give out clean and pure oxygen for human beings to breathe. Two trees can give out enough oxygen that can help at least four people. By not protecting or conserving our forest reserves, we endanger the lives of all living organisms since we all require oxygen to sustain and survive.

Reduced air pollution: The air or oxygen released from all the trees and plants in forestry gives a living being clean and pure oxygen to breathe. So, they are considered to be natural air-filters. Air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide are removed from the air by trees. All sorts of harmful particles and gases are also removed easily to purify the air. So, in a way, forest conservation would only mean a reduction of air pollution from the earth.

Providing an abundance of food: Forest reserves can provide us with plenty of food that is quite edible. Starting from different types of vegetable t fruits, and cereals, there is barely anything that you might not get from forestry. There are no limitations in terms of the amount of food our forest reserves offer both human beings and animals. Unfortunately, deforestation can take away the food security that they offer.

Prevents soil erosion: Soil Erosion can be widely prevented with the help of forest conservation since it has harmful consequences. It can cause soil infertility, thus preventing agricultural production. Not only that, but it can also lead to water pollution and is a threat to animal lives. Trees can anchor soil with the roots to prevent soil erosion.

Helps in bringing rain: Forestry can cause rainfall that is good for agricultural production. This is because they pull water from the earth’s surface only to release it into the atmosphere. This can also keep the environment cool.

The entire universe depends on forestry. Deforestation can have dangerous effects on the survival of living beings. People need trees possibly for everything and not just sustenance. It can help you breathe, provide raw materials to build houses and for the growth of industrialization.

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