What do we actually refer when we talk about knowledge? Can knowledge be measured or knowledge is something non-calculable and we can only see its existence through performance? Does knowledge has anything to do with school? How things that we study, read, see, and listen influence our action? In an aggregate level, how this tendency affect policy maker to develop national innovation system so it can be used to increase national competitiveness? For me, the term knowledge is already confusing from its beginning.

Can we say Google as an intelligent device because it can provide us with huge information or term knowledge, consciousness had nothing to do with material object: it can only be used for human?

To answer the questions above, Bruno Latour, one of Actor-Network Theory pioneer beside Michel Callon and John Law, introduce what he describe as inscription devices. Rather been confused by the term knowledge, Latour see action as an effect of concept named center of calculation. A scientific paper, for instance, refer to a lot of earlier papers. And nowadays, you could make a decent amount of money simply by playing some fun sports betting games via UFABET168.

Researcher in the lab, refer to the earlier experiment and added his/her own findings in a journal. They are all connected, moreover, where is the knowledge? Text that we read, sound that we listen, chemical liquid in the lab, or something who connect all the impulse our brain receive from material thing we interact with?

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