Real-time Capability for time-critical Inputs through PROFINET IO

Remote field devices (I/O devices such as signal modules but also HMI operator devices) can be integrated directly or via so-called IO controllers into the Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET IO). Together with WinCC flexible 2005 SP1, SIMATIC HMI operator devices of the 177 series and 277 series classes support PROFINET IO. With it, time-critical operations – as carried out with the DP direct keys via PROFIBUS – are now also possible on the basis of Industrial Ethernet.

This concerns the direct keys with panels ranging from the OP/TP 177B up to the Multi Panel MP 277 as well as the direct keys and the hand wheel with the Mobile Panels 177 and 277, each in the model for PROFINET use. In parallel to this, the “regular” communication with the process of course still takes place (tag values, alarms). Diagnostics alarms on PROFINET occur via “system error reporting” – for panels as well, since they are to be viewed as PROFINET IO devices.

More Engineering Efficiency through dynamic Picture Modules

The dynamic properties of the picture elements of a picture module – such as design, visibility and operability – can now be connected with tags. With this, for example, the individual components of the picture module, but also the entire picture module, can be displayed and hidden depending on a tag value in runtime. Picture modules can from now on be employed very conveniently and without a lot of “wiring work”, since they can be linked with structured data types (structure tags).

The big advantage in doing so is that each usage of the picture module in a picture only requires the configuration of one structure tag at the module for the complete connection. Externally, for example, a structure tag can thus be assigned whose structure elements internally are divided among multiple objects that are to be made dynamic. Within a picture module, module-internal tags can be created, which can be used for making properties of individual module elements dynamic as well as for the parameterization of functions, but also can be further processed by an internal script.

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