There is development in every field- be it the health sector, education, science, manufacturing sector, or any other field is – and that is deeply attributed to technology. This is because technology, unlike science, serves to make things happen at a faster rate and in an easier manner. In contrast, science targets to find the cause and effect of various happenings.

A boon to the health sector

With the advancement in technology, no health issue can’t be spotted and tackled. The rapid advancement has enabled the timely diagnosis of diseases through numerous novel scanning systems and the early preventive and curative treatment for those mentioned above.

A must for education

Now that school and other educational institutions are being shut down due to the global pandemic, electronic gadgets which facilitate online classes have become an indispensable part in a student’s as well as teachers’ life. Imparting education wouldn’t have been easy if it weren’t for the number of online platforms set up. It is settled that even once the pandemic is over, there will not be a hundred per cent returning to offline mode. However, studies have shown that online learning helps retain more information and makes learning a fun activity.

Breakthroughs in the manufacturing sector 

Numerous industries are being completely mechanized now. Even though the investment is higher than when it was labour intensive, now the efficiency and efficacy need not be compromised. The larger number of units can be produced at any time of the day with absolutely no human effort but rather by turning on a switch or clicking a button. We have indeed come a long way, and it is all for the best.

Dawn of assistive technology

Assistive technologies are the means to assist the disabled and the disadvantaged. They are built and developed so that they cater to the needs of the users like never before. For instance, the advent of sixth sense devices attached to the white cane of visually impaired people helps them navigate. The device uses eco-technology, the same mechanism of ultrasounds by which bats detect their prey and other objects. This is useful for visually challenged people to detect obstacles in their way and the distance to them. This is only an example out of the many other radical changes that technology has brought in.

Indispensable gadgets

It would be an understatement if one were to say that technology has gained importance; because it has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life.

One cannot imagine being without one smartphone or computer. Tracking the route to your workplace is nearly impossible without a GPS, not feeling at ease without one e-book reader and a library downloaded, not having your camera to click and capture every eventful moment of your life is unthinkable, Virtual reality glasses that can take you anywhere anytime have indeed made life more interesting and adventurous for many.

Man has been programming and creating more ways to make life on earth easier, and technology is the simple key to that!

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