The only branch of biology- zoology, is committed to all forms of animal life. It is everything connected from dissection and investigation to agriculture and growth. One who is an animal lover will love to explore this field. With the increase in awareness and with environmental issues coming up, more and more interest has been in this subject by youth.


It is a branch of biology with the entire study based on animals. It is a subject linked to all the areas like lifestyle, developments, behaviour, and classification of animals. With so many areas to explore, zoology has broken down into many more branches to study animals.

Historical background

Some people have been keen on studying this subject since ancient times. The Greek philosopher of ancient times- Aristotle, observed different types of animals and their behaviours for many years and inspired other scientists. In the 16th and 17th centuries, research on animals was quite a hot topic in universities. In the 19th century, a microscope came into existence, which made it possible to study about cells of animals.

Difference between biology and zoology

The head for scientific studies of all human beings is termed biology. That includes flora and fauna, all the living micro-organisms. However, zoology is just a branch that focuses more on animal life. This includes mammals, flora and fauna, reptiles, etc. The curriculum of zoological study also includes how certain animals interact with each other.

Studying zoology

There are various reasons if you are interested and enthusiastic about studying this subject. Some people choose it as their career or some as their passion. To help you with the expenses that come with the study, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via UFABET168บาคาร่า. There are three reasons for it-

  • You get a golden opportunity of working around animals- this can be overwhelming for people who have loved animals.
  • You can bring some difference in this world- due to the extinction of species, zoologists are the first point of contact for the conservation of nature and to save them.
  • Travelling can be a plus- this journey is not an adventure, practical knowledge is a must!

Zoology branches

  1. Zoogeography
  2. Comparative anatomy
  3. Physiology of animals
  4. Ethology
  5. Behavioural ecology
  6. Animals grouping

Choosing it as a career

There are preferred ways to become zoologists. This can be by either getting a bachelor’s in biology or zoology. One can even go for masters or doctorate programs. They have subjects like math, chemistry, biology and even studying about wildlife economy. There are countless career paths for graduates in this field. With the notion of a future green world, more focus is given to environmental causes. Some of the titles they carry are as-

  • Conservation officer
  • Field researcher
  • Marine scientist
  • Environment consultant
  • Environment educator
  • Documentary maker

Myth about zoology

Everyone thinks that zoology by the word means one is working in a zoo. But they need to have clarity on the subject that it’s one of the careers an individual can make. To work in a zoo, electives and different subjects during your study have to be in mind. Zoology focuses on the animal kingdom but has many angles to it.

To wrap up, zoology is a growing field with a lot of opportunities in the coming era. One should invest their time and energy if they are interested in being close to nature and animals.

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