Technology has brought the entire human race together and promoting growth and development in every field. New technologies and developments allow a country to reach great heights. The field of science plays a major role in determining the working of a process. It is an enterprise that systematically builds knowledge, and organizers organize it in the form of testaments and predictions that work for the universe. The first root of science traces back to Egypt and Mesopotamia. It has provided great contributions to medicine, mathematics, astrology, and philosophy and provides a detailed explanation of every physical world event.

Role of science in health

Health science is an applied science that deals with the health of humans and animals. Along with focusing on healthcare, it also relates to disciplines relevant to the knowledge of science. It is highly diverse and has mutually inconsistent foundations. The field has very controlling views on human agency and compares it to all the views on it naturally. Some fields of medicinal sciences include:

  • Anaesthesiology: it deals with all kinds of life support systems and anaesthesia in a surgery
  • Angiology: it deals with all the diseases related to the circulatory system
  • Bariatrics: the branch deals with obesity; its causes, treatment and prevention
  • Cardiology: it deals with all the disorders of blood vessels and heart
  • Family medicine: the branch is dedicated especially to the comprehensive health care problems to the people of all ages
  • Geriatrics: it deals especially with the health issues of elderly
  • Hepatology: the branch deals with issues in the gall bladder, liver and biliary system
  • Oncology: it is a branch that deals with cancer and all its related issues
  • Pulmonology: it deals with the respiratory system and its issues

There are hundreds of other branches of medicinal research with significance to science.

Science myths

They are about the facts and narratives that display a mythological way of a heroic individual and are usually scientific. Some of them include:

  • There are three states of matter only: solid, liquid, and gas, including plasma. It consists of electrons and ions that are superheated and sometimes called “ionized gas”. Once it is cool, it becomes gas and takes other properties.
  • Glass is a high viscosity liquid while it is not. The myth comes from high rise buildings because they have a thick base, but in reality, the glasses are solid and are used for stability.
  • Lightning does not strike at the same place again, but it is a very wrong myth. It can strike a place twice, mostly the ones within close vicinity. It is advised to always lookout for a shelter whenever lightning strikes and keep a safe distance from windows, metals and electrical objects.
  • Humans evolved from apes is a wrong notion as it is sad that apes and human beings share the same ancestor but were never the same and did not evolve from the apes.
  • Bats are bling, not true. They can see black and white and even better at night. They lack the receptors that identify colours that even human beings lack. In simple words, they see just fine to move from one place to another.

There are hundreds of such myths, but they also contradict and are not true most of the time. Thus, it is said to research well and respect every aspect of science as it is very important to move forward in the future.

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