Unmasking the science myths 

Scientific facts and theories surround us. There is not even a single thing that is not touched by science. We are all taught science from a very young age and have learned a thousand things from the internet. But are all those things that are known to us true? Some of them are, but some of them are not.

Let us unmask those scientific myths.

  •     If a penny is dropped from the empire state building, it can kill someone on the sidewalks.We all have heard this phase in the movies or by some friend of ours. But this is not the truth, and people believe that the coin will accelerate and reach some terminal velocity that it can even kill someone like a gunshot.

But that is not the truth. Many factors contribute to this. The wind being the major factor. The coin will only reach a terminal velocity of 30-100 miles per hour, depending upon the wind speed and direction. So the maximum damage the coin can cause is that it might hurt the person on the sidewalks, like a small bruise, nothing more.

  •     There exist only three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. This is what we have been learning from our primary classes. What if I tell you that this is not true? There exist more than three states of matter. Yes, you read that right. The fourth stage is the plasma. Plasma is a collection of superheated ions and electrons. With the temperature changes, it regulates its states.
  •     The toilet flushes the spin in a different direction in the southern hemisphere. This myth originated because of the effect known as the Coriolis effect. According to this effect, the flow pattern of the liquids is affected by the earth’s rotation. This effect is used to explain things like gulf stream, hurricanes, and more.

But toilet flushes and tornados are way too small to be influenced by this effect. Additionally, the spiral direction is a combined product of the features of the toilet like design, plumbing, water pressure, and more.

  •     Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. This is a phase that most of us are familiar with, but you will be shocked to know that this is just a myth. Lightning does hit the same spot twice most of the time. Therefore, it’s a better choice to stay inside the house till the storm passes by.
  •     Bananas grow on trees. After reading this statement, you might be thinking that I’m an idiot. This is something that we have been saying and reading from our childhood. But you will be shocked to know that the banana tree is not a tree.

It’s the banana plant on which the banana grows. Banana plants tend to grow up to 25 feet in length, and they are the world’s largest herbs. The reason why we say banana plant as a tree is that it looks so tall as a tree, so we often call it a tree.

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