Technology is a weapon used in each area, whether it is communication, trade and business, commerce, education, or any other. It is used in teaching to improve the relation between teacher and student. It makes the learning process easier for the children as they are already engaged and interested in using technology. Moreover, it gives a brilliant opportunity for the teacher to make teaching and learning more effective.

With the emergence of technology, every task becomes more manageable as it helps in better communication means for all. During this corona epidemic, it serves as a boon for society. Even after shutting down school premises, teachers and students can build a connection while sitting at their safe place. Teachers are taking lessons, imparting knowledge, analyzing their student’s performance through the web. This ensures the safety of children and teachers from the worldwide disease as there is no need to visit the school building.

This article provides you certain aspects of how technology helps the education system in the classroom and proves beneficial during this high time. let us discuss them in detail-

Improves knowledge retention

Due to mobiles and laptops, children are already engaged in the latest technology, so studying through these gadgets encourages them to participate in the classroom and increase knowledge retention actively. Children find this method of teaching more exciting and useful.

Learn different skills

By using technology in online teaching, children are also studying computer skills like making a presentation of the models or on any topic, writing emails, maintaining proper online etiquette. Apart from bookish knowledge, children learn different skills through the internet, like enrolling themselves in online coding classes.

Encourage individual learning

As all children are not the same, they possess different learning skills and different abilities. Online classes are an excellent opportunity for children to learn according to their speed and ability. It encourages individual learning as some children are distracted by other students in the class and cant concentrate effectively.

Moreover, it is a blessing for disabled children to learn lessons and get knowledge by just comfortably sitting at their homes.

Improves engagement

By using technology in the classroom, teachers can make learning more fun and enjoyable. They can make the learning process more manageable by teaching through new and exciting skills. They can teach lessons by adding some stories or puzzle games that encourage them to participate and effectively learn things.

Encourage collaboration

Without visiting the school, technology can encourage collaboration among students in the same classroom or same school. For example, they can work together on projects allotted to them by their teachers by virtual learning or sharing documents.


To conclude the article, I would say these are certain benefits of technology in the education system as children are more engaged and interested in technology. They find it an exciting way of learning. Moreover, it also proves beneficial for teachers to use different apps to make the teaching process more useful and exciting.

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