Today’s era is the modern era; in this, everything is getting digitally. Because of this, importance of technology is increasing at a breakneck pace. In education, also it is making its space. Technology proves to be very useful that affects the student’s learning and is an instrument that improves the student’s skill. It improves the mental ability, makes the thinking broad, and develops innovative ideas that are essential for success. Technology adds a positive change in teaching methods. Here are some benefits of technology in education that are as follows –

 . Teaching becomes comfortable with technology- 

-Technology is a supportive element in teaching. It is difficult for teachers and students to learn things theoretically because it is difficult for students to learn and more arduous for teachers to make students understand. Many concepts are not possible to explain orally, and students don’t understand it correctly.

– In this, technology plays an important role. It supports the teaching system by presenting audiovisuals presentations through which students can learn and understand the concept very quickly. Various projectors set up in which teachers can create their presentation of a particular topic and explain to students in detail. It becomes easy for both teachers and students.

. Helpful in keeping the detail of students- 

With technology, there is a good bye to diaries and notes. This becomes difficult for teachers to maintain record f each student on diaries and make notes of each student. In addition, with that, making notes of the class lecture on notebooks is a very time-consuming part. 

However, it is grateful for the technology that makes the work easy for a teacher. A teacher can maintain a record of each student for many years with various tools. That data will always be there, and also the teacher can make notes easily—this helps to save time and make ease in doing things.

. Technology in education is helpful to the environment- 

Of course, this fact is true that educational technology is beneficial for the environment. Many trees and paper can be saved with the use of more technology. More online teaching and tests are going on now, and it become easy for the teacher and helpful for the environment.

. With technology, students enjoy learning- 

The technology makes students enjoy their learning. With the pictures and audiovisuals, students find it more interesting to learn things. There can be many ways to teach students with technology. The use of touch screen technology and many more innovative ideas can be made for students to enhance their learning power. At home, also teachers can be linked to students and can help in their lessons. Students learn more with the audiovisual presentation, and they enjoy their learning.


 In this era, technology plays a significant role in all fields ad now in teaching, as discussed above. In this pandemic period going on, thanks to the technology that has helped in teaching. Because of the corona, offline classes are not possible for schools to continue, but studies are going at the same pace because of the technology. Online classes have taken the place of offline classes.

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